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This online resource is designed to provide education about puberty, adolescence, sexual health, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections to the general public, especially younger audiences.  It is meant to convey material in a visually appealing way and promote further related discussion with parents, teachers, and/or healthcare providers.  Because of the subject matter of this website, some of the illustrations used may be graphic to some viewers, so parental supervision and viewer discretion is advised.

This website is in no way comprehensive and should not be used to replace the advice, guidance, diagnosis, or treatment of a healthcare provider.  Similarly, it should not be used by healthcare providers for diagnostic or treatment purposes.


SexMeducation L.L.C. is designed to provide information and guidance about adolescent and sexual health.  It is a general education tool and thus is not meant to be a clinical resource or to replace the guidance and expertise of a healthcare provider.  Additionally, it does not represent the views or perceptions of any current or prior institutions associated with the creators nor is it in any way affiliated with said institutions.

Due to the content matter of this entity, some illustrations used in SexMeducation L.L.C. videos may be too graphic for some viewers.  Because of this, parental supervision and viewer discretion is advised.  We assume no responsibility in website or Youtube video viewing that were deemed to be premature or conflicting with personal views.

While we take every step to ensure no incorrect information is included on this site, we assume no responsibility for errors, omissions, or verbal mistakes. Additionally, those who were involved in the creation of this site are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of the information provided by this site. 

While we try to keep our content up to date, there are always advancements in contraception and screening which may, in turn, change our curriculum, and thus we do not assume the responsibility of such points.

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